Lisa Seropian, Psy.D.

Come and see who you can be!

Come and see who you can be!







                                   Photography by Arie DeZanger 


I provide mainly In-Office services and can provide Teletherapy services if needed.  Please call for details. 

Welcome to my web-site! I hope that you that you find the information you need in order to take the next step. My number is on every page of this web-site, so, when you are ready, call.  

I have been practicing psychology for more than twenty-eight years, full-time, with my doctorate degree. I have another ten years of experience working in the mental health field during college and graduate school. So that's a total of more than 38 years in the field.  I have learned much from my clients.  I am privileged and honored to do this work and would be pleased to walk with you on your journey of exploration, discovery and growth.  With our work together, you can make a better life for yourself.  

Are you looking for useful information about how you can feel better, do better, work more effectively, or improve your relationships? Would you like to know how to help your child function better or be happier? Are you curious about yourself and wonder how and why you stop yourself from going for what you need or want?   I am glad you want something different.  I would like to work with you to help you get it.  


As we face life's challenges, most of the time we can handle them by using our inner resources and our outer supports such as family, friends, faith and medical providers.  Sometimes, however, we get stuck.  We need the perspective of a skilled psychotherapist to help us gain insight into our behavior, thoughts, and moods in order to find solutions to problems.  I can help you bring your goals, or your child's goals, into focus and find ways to meet those goals.  If what you have been doing and the solutions you have tried are not working and, if you are ready to make some changes, read on!  Check out my Mission Statement to learn my story and why I started my practice.

The first steps are often the hardest.  Be brave!  Take care of you!  If you are ready, call.  Here's the number: 704-776-6438.  If I am in session when you call, please leave best times to reach you. If it is after 6pm or over the weekend, please reach out by email.  I will respond to you next business day.